Southern Michigan Sportsman's Club

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Update for Club Members (01/29)

Attention Club Members:
 * The February Meeting is on Tuesday, 13th, in the Bedford High School Cafeteria @ 7:00pm.
 * We need sealed bids from contractors to build the new club. If you know anyone who can submit a bid, please ask them.
 * Currently we have a "footprint" for the building, just need sealed bids to move this along. Also, we will need club approval of the prints/plan so we can go to the township for approval to construct the new facility.
 * Mike, Dan, Butch & Dick have worked hard to get this togehter and could use more help!
 * The March meeting will be on the 13th at 7pm; the location will be announced soon.
 * If there are any questions please call either Dick Bohmer (419.367.5057) or Dan Kay (727.773.5608).
AND FINALLY, hey everyone, don't forget your sweethearts on the 14th! (hint) Happy Valentine's Day to everyone ~ Dick


Club President
Richard Bohmer


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