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Update for Club Members (9/06)
              Attention Club Members:
PLEASE READ THE NOTE (to the left) on our new members and their training.
 * The September Meeting is on Tuesday, Sept 12th at the Tomahawk Archer's Club @ 7pm.
 * The Tomahawk Archers Club is at 2085 West Erie Road (between Douglas Road and Jackman Road).
 * Everyone is asked to please try to attend the meeting on the 12th as we expect to have the prints for the new building availlable for everyone to look at. If there are any questions please call either Dick Bohmer (419.367.5057) or Dan Kay (727.773.5608).
* The October Meeting will be on Oct 10th

Thank you everyone



Bill Burpee has sent out about 50 cards to our new members at the beginning of the this month. New Members will have their required safety training (etc) on these two dates (and times):
      Sept 23rd from 9am to 1pm and Sept 24th from 9am to 1pm
The club will be closed to all other members during these hours for the training. Please be considerate as we provide their instruction.
Bill expects to send out about 50 more cards by the end of this month and the training in October will be:
      Oct 7th from 9am to 1pm Oct 8th from 12(noon) to 3:30pm
All Board Members are expected to be at the club all 4 of these days helping out and to also meet the new members.

Club President
Richard Bohmer


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